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Richrard Bhimanpalli said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am

Its been so hard for me to spend days without teeth. But Armani dentures have helped me to get my smile back and Dr.J is a real professional who help me in fixing the dentures. I just had to spend one day with them. The staff is good and cooperative. Its a real blessing to have people like Dr. J who turned to be a real craftsman in designing my dentures. I will definitely recommend Armani Dentures on each and everyone for their excellent job well done and for the price I fixed my dentures is amazing.

Lisa said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am

The office is warm and inviting. I was greeted very kindly by the staff and Dr. Armani. Dr. J made my denture, checking with me every step to make sure that I was comfortable and that I approved of the work. I texted a picture to 2 friends. They commented that it a "nice, natural look". Thanks Dr. J!!

Irene said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
I'm so happy I gave Dr J. A chance to do my dentures. He did a fantastic job! I get to go home with them today. They look amazing! If you need dentures or dental work done I recommend Armani Dentures.

calvin richardson said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
I drove all the way from Annapolis for the one day service ,and when I arrived the staff treated me more like family than a patient. Dr. J promised that I would be thrilled with my new dentures and he was correct , I would refer their services to all my family and friends.

Joseph Anderson said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
Dr.J is an absolutely amazing craftsman. The time he spends with the patient making sure all is right and the patient is happy is great. The final result is beyond AMAZING I am just about speechless so happy with the outcome. Glad we found Armani dentures and went forth with them. Could not be happier.. Dr.J thank you thank you thank you. You are amazing at what you do and we couldn't be happier.

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Joseph Anderson said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
I have spent the last two days with my girlfriend here. The staff here has been absolutely AMAZING. The NEW SMILE IS BEAUTIFUL. I am totally amazed with everything and the staff is all about the patient every step of the way no rush make it right and make the patient HAPPY. If anyone needs major dental work dentures implants etc.. Check out Armani Dentures you won't beat the price compassion or quality. Thank you to all the staff at Armani Dentures for giving my girlfriend her beautiful smile.

Norris said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
This is the best service I had in thirty years. I'm very happy with Dr. J work. Yes, I would recommend others to Armani Dentures.

John said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
I am so absolutely pleased with the results. I got my dentures for FREEE because I got my implants. No hidden charges or anything and everyone loves my new smile; thank you soooo much guys. Oh btw loved the hospitality and free snacks. Awesome!

Anna Maria Kinser said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
Got my one-day dentures today (8/26/14), as well as one tooth extraction. Really great that it can be done in one day without trips back & forth! I love my new dentures & all the care & work that you put in to make them beautiful Dr. J. And thank you Dr. Armani for not hurting me!

H.B. said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
After years of neglecting my teeth I decided to do something about it. After a few consults and research I decided to go to Chevy Chase Dental Inc. for another consult. Dr. Armani, Carla and Marta greeted me like I'm a member of their family. Considering all my options I chose to extract all my remaining teeth (more than 20) and go for an immediate denture. The day of my appointment everybody in the office made me feel so wonderful. Mr. Jay started working on my dentures. By the afternoon I was ready for my extractions. Team of Dr. Armani and Carla can be described by two words "Heaven sent". From start to finished my extractions took less than one hour, they made sure I'm comfortable during the whole procedure and frankly I didn't feel anything. I reminded you they were more than 20 extractions. About two hours later my dentures were ready. They looked wonderful. I know I have to came back in few months for adjustments and reline but I can tell you I have a beautiful smile just in One Day. Thanks again Dr. Armani for being caring, kind and professional and to your Staff just keep up the good work. And to Mr. J thanks for my beautiful dentures. And all these cost me less than a root canal and couple crowns in other dental offices.

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Elizabeth said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
Thank you Dr. J and your staff for your good work, i could not believe the reception and excellent service i received. I felt at home. It's one out of 100, places where you can walk in and expect a warm welcome and treatment. Thank Arman Dentures, job well done, I am happy with my Dentures and I can't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thank you

Marchettalovell said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
June 18, 2014 Thanks Dr. J I am very pleased with my dentures, they look and feel great I will gladly recommend you and your staff to everyone I come in contact with WHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. THANKS AGAIN MGL

Raymond said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
Thanks Dr. J and staff for a job well done! I am very pleased with my dentures.

maxine c. said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
Hi my name is Maxine and I picked up the pennysaver today and saw the add dr. Armani dentures so I looked the doctor on the internet and I began to read up on the work that this doctor has done and I wanted to cry because the patients seem so happy with their new smile and I saw some the work with the dentures wonderful work and it looks rewarding. I think this is a blessing to have a doctor that can perform such a miracle that God has given him. My back teeth are falling out and I am seeing a dentist for care, if I need dentures I will sure keep dr. Armani in mind. and as for the staff, keep up the good work! you are amazing.

Betty said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
I am very pleased with the new dentures I now have. The office staff was very pleasant, and Dr. Armani was just wonderful. I feel like my old self again. Thank you so much!

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Ok Kun Wong said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
Just wanna say thank you very much to Dr.J, Carla, and the staff at Armani Dentures for such awesome service. We came all the way from the eastern shore maryland and was pleasantly surprised with the service provided the drive was well worth it. We had a very bad experience with affordable dentures in salibury, md. Dr.J made sure mmy wife was going to leave 100 percent satified and paid close attention to her needs.The staff was so friendly and made you feel so comfotable. My wife and I are very happy we came here and the ending result was to seeing my wife with a beautiful smile. Thanks for all you hard work and time.

LC said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
Had a good experience. The doctor was patient as we worked out the sore spots in my new dentures. They look and feel great.

Kelvin said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
I have done lots of work at Armani Dentures and it was all great. Dr.J creates art each time he performs work. I have to say that he is easily the best in town!

H.V. said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
A heartfelt thank you to Jay and the staff of Armani Dentures. After sixteen years of wearing dentures I finally have the most beautiful and perfect fitting dentures. Dr Armani greeted me as if he'd known me forever and the office staff was friendly and made sure that i was comfortable and well taken care of. Thanks to Dr Jay my smile is BEAUTIFUL. I took my mom in two weeks after I got mine and after years of illfitting and uncomfortable dentures she walked out with a smile just as beautiful as mine. Thank you guys for a job well done. I would certainly recommned Armani Dentures to anyone. ! million stars and then some.

Don Andrews said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
Just returned home from a long day at the dentist. Today is Dec. 30 and I have a New Years Eve party to attend tomorrow. Dr. Armani and his staff did a wonderful job and returned my beautiful smile just in time for the party and the new year. Thanks again for the wonderful and timely experience for me to start my New Year OFF WITH A BIG SMILE!!! Thanks so much, Don Andrews

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LJM said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
A heartfelt thank you goes out to Jay and the staff at Armani Dentures, Chevy Chase Dental - they are the true example of what custormer service means. Armani Dentures is the best - they certainly stand above the competition. I have spent thousands of dollars over the past 3 or 4 years on ill fitting, painful dentures and partials that I could not eat with or even wear for a full day. When I saw the add for Armani Dentures I thought what do I have to lose - so I called and made an appointment. Glad I did! I finally have a denture and partial that I can wear - THEY ARE TOP QUALITY ULTRA PREMIUM just like the ad says. All the personnel who work there and Jay are the best. Thanks again.

Audentic AG said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
Hello I want to leave some nice Regards from Germany here. Best Regards Audentic AG

Hushmat said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am

Jan R. said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
I just wanted to thank you for all your T.L.C while Mike and I were in your office on 6-12-13. Everyone in the office was so nice. I especially want to thank the man who made my dentures. Thank you so much for working so hard to make sure they were right, I really appreciate it. Very Grateful, Jan R. (see the scanned thank you card pdf on bottom of home page).

Hushmat said:  NaNth, NaN NaN:NaN am
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