Same Day Dentures in Baltimore, Washington, & Virginia

Full Denture

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A full denture is a removable plate that holds all artificial teeth of one arch of the mouth. It could be upper or lower. Armani dentures are handcrafted and fabricated using the highest quality material and sharp teeth. Our ultra premium dentures are heat cured under tremendous pressure to ensure durability and ultimate comfort. High pressure ensures armani denture plates are dense and non porous leading to greater strength. They are odor resistant and less likely to break as compared to dentures that are cold cured. Armani Dentures method of pressurized heat curing leads to ultra premium dentures that are perfect fitting to even the slightest groove of the palate. Armani Dentures full denture lowest cost is $499 each; that is including consultation, x-ray & try in preview.

Partial Denture

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Partial Dentures are beneficial to patients who are partially edentulous and wish to complete the number of missing teeth for aesthetic or health reasons. Our expert Doctor of Dentures utilize state of the art equipment and top most high quality material ever created to fabricate the best same day dentures in Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia tristate area. The complexion of the skin, shade and size of the new teeth and the healthy existing teeth are just a few factors considered to make flawlessly flowing together arch of the new row of teeth. Armani Dentures in one day in Baltimore, Washington DC, Virginia regions has satisfied numerous patients as reflected in social media reviews. We provide the best Same Day Dentures in Baltimore, DC, MD, & VA regions.

Porcelain Teeth Denture

One Day Porcelain Denture Doctor of Armani Dentures Chevy Chase Maryland

Superior quality, durability, & utmost top notch Hi-Tech standard Sharp Porcelain teeth which are odor, stain, and abrasion resistant. Same Day Porcelain Denture, in one visit with satisfaction guarantee. Each Porcelain Teeth Denture is available starting at $2000. We make all our ultra premium dentures using state of the art highest quality material in pressurized heat cure fashion. Porcelain sharp teeth dentures allow for better and thorough chewing capabilities which improve the nutritional benefits from the food and allows for better digestion and nutritional intake. Most lifelike, extreme natural appeal appearance of denture plates with absolute perfect details on the surface complementing the natural anatomy of the face, including consultation, x-ray, and try-in preview are only available at Armani Dentures.

X4 Denture Implants

Thanks to advancement in dentistry, Armani Dentures is proud to utilize the new minimally invasive procedure to replace all missing teeth per arch using 4 mini dental implants. Titanium posts to allow for denture implants are implanted into the bones of the jaw. These denture implants do not require multiple visits or stitches and are done in one office visit. The second part of the denture implants is incorporated into the ultra premium denture plates using high pressure heat curing process. This allows for the denture to snap onto the denture implants during the same visit. The premium removable denture is free with this option. Same day, one visit...brand new custom made smile. Starting price for denture implants is $3000 for each row of teeth. Armani Dentures is proud to offer lowest cost best value for denture implants in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia region.

Denture Repair & Denture Reline

It is natural for the gums and bones to change over time. This requires that the dentures must be maintained accordingly. Failure to properly maintain the dentures will lead to ill fitting dentures and will cause sore spots and painful experience. Therefor it is absolutely necessary to keep the dentures in check. Denture repair and denture reline is also performed at Armani Dentures and while you wait. Armani denture low cost repair process is flawlessly easy and starts at $99 only. Patients returning for new dentures within one month of the repair will get discount towards their new dentures equivalent to the price paid for the repair work. Armani Denture repair is extremely thorough and repair work is put through the same complex series of steps that the dentures go through during their fabrication. Armani Dentures guarantees full patient satisfaction.

Armani Dentures Recommendations

No extra charge for New Denture Wearer Package at Armani Dentures $499 per denture

New Denture wearers will naturally have to adapt to their new dentures. It is recommended you wear your new dentures as much as possible to train your self and your mouth to them. Try eating soft foods and avoid sticky or hard food items. Chew slowly and thoroughly. Use small bites of food. Practice makes perfect. It is important to clean the dentures regularly just as you would clean your natural teeth. Avoid hot water or extreme temperature to the dentures. Give your gums rest at night - take off the dentures at bedtime and always keep your dentures in water to avoid warping. Do not wear dentures that do not fit properly or if they are loose. Denture adhesives are not the solution to ill fitting dentures. Use the adhesives for sealing the food particles out and away from entering between the dentures and the gums. Unlike other denture places, Armani Dentures does not charge high costs just because you are a new denture wearer.