X4 Dental Implants / Denture Implants in Bethesda

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X4 Denture Implants in Washington DC Region

Same Day Denture Implants as low as $3000 per arch only at Armani Dentures. We are proud to utilize this latest advancement in dentistry to allow for minimally invasive technique for denture implants using at least 4 titanium posts implanted at strategic locations of the facial bones. We call it X4 denture implants. Armani Dentures is proud to keep the costs minimum for our patients. We believe our charges for denture implants are the lowest in Maryland Washington DC Virginia area. Thanks to advancement in dentistry, Armani Dentures is proud to utilize the new minimally invasive procedure to replace all missing teeth per arch using 4 mini denture implants. Titanium posts, to allow for denture implants, are implanted into the bones of the upper and lower  jaw bones. These denture implants do not require multiple visits or stitches and are done in one office visit. The second part of the denture implants is incorporated into the denture plates using high pressure curing process. This allows for the denture to snap onto the denture implants. It is all done during the same visit. The premium removable denture plate  is free with this option. Same day, one visit...brand new custom made smile. Starting price for denture implants is $3000 for each row of teeth. Armani Dentures is proud to offer lowest cost best value for denture implants in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia region.

Dentures Vs. X4 Denture Implants

X4 Denture implants provide greater stability of the denture. Talking, eating, laughing is much more comfortable than having denture without implants. X4 Denture implants keep the denture well positioned and absolutely stable to its location. It minimizes discomfort and potential for developing sore spots on the gums. It is removable for cleaning purposes. It is the absolute premium way to replace missing teeth. Other places charge for fabricating the denture plate but it is free at Armani Dentures; thats $499 value that we do not charge for with X4 Denture Implants option.

Free Same Day Denture

Denture Implants require at least 4 mini titanium posts. The denture is made in such a way that it will snap on to the posts implanted into the bone. The $499 denture will be free of charge with this option. Or $499 can be discounted from other denture options. We offer the best and least expensive denture implants in Washington DC region. Please see our perfect ratings for denture implants in Bethesda, Washington DC, Baltimore regions as well Virginia.